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Saturday, April 17, 2021

10 Years of the Iron Throne

Disclaimer: The Fandads were provided with products in exchange for promoting The Game of Thrones merchandise from The Nobel Collection. All thoughts, opinions, and future visions from the Three-Eyed Raven are our own. 

I will admit I was late to the Game of Thrones bandwagon. Working in a book store for X amount of years I remember customers telling me about the series and saying I would enjoy it. With all of the books I already had on my reading list, I did not know when I would get to them. Let's just say I never got to those books. Fast forward to April 17, 2011, and Game of Thrones premiered on HBO and the rest, as they say, is history.

Just in time for the 10th anniversary of the premiere, our friends from The Nobel Collection shared with us some fantastic items to celebrate this anniversary. Having these items are a great reminder of the show and what it meant for many but what were some of your favorite moments? What were some of the moments you hated? Let's share with you some of our favorite moments in this series. 

If you have not seen the entire series there will be spoilers in this post. You have been warned. 

1. The Melting of the Iron Throne

I know that the Iron Throne meant power to whoever held it but it became kind of annoying. I am glad that it was Drogon that melted it. If you put enough heat on this Iron Throne Bookend it might melt but why would you do that. This cool bookend can hold your collection of books or place it next to your collection of Game of Thrones Blu-rays.  


2. HODOR!!

Who did not love the character of Hodor? Learning what "Hodor" stood for was pretty sad when we saw it go into play. Such a sad death but a noble one. (No pun intended there.)

3. Dragons! Dragons! Dragons!

Dragons were one of my big draws to the show and who can remember that feeling they felt when they first saw a dragon appear on the screen. Oh, to have my own Drogon, Rhaegal, or Viserion. What would I do with them? While they won't hatch a dragon these replica eggs will make a great gift to those in your family that want their own dragon. 

3. Don't Lose your Head! 

Seeing Sean Bean on the screen I got excited. This man was in the Lord of the Rings and he was a badass in the one movie he was in until he got killed. I couldn't wait to see how his character will play out in this series. Remember, I did not read the books, so I did not know he was going to be killed. Yeah, I was disappointed, but I did think he had a cool sword. 

4.  The Red Wedding

Do we really need to talk about this? 

5.  Tyrion Lannister

Out of all of the characters on this show, Tyrion Lannister was the best. From his introduction to him taking his role as Hand of the King, Tyrion used his wits to save him plenty of times. He may have been the most quoted character of the entire sereis, but I will always love his famous quote,  "I drink and know things". Show your friends that you are the one in charger by weraing your Hand of the King pin. 

What wre some of your favorite moments from the series. Share with us in the comments and let's see how the new sereies help us forget the finale season. 

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