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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Too soon?

Wow it's been so long since I've posted on this thing that I forgot the password, heh. Anyway, sorry for the long absence, having two kids under the age of 17 months can take up a lot of your free time. Modern Warfare 3 and now Star Wars The Old Republic, are consuming what little is left. On that note, let's talk about how soon is too soon when it comes to kids entering child care.

My wife and I went to see a daycare today. My daughter Serafina really liked it, she made herself at home immediately. It's a small place, run by a mother and daughter. They're Hispanic, but I only mention it because they do a lot of communicating in Spanish and the mother cooks the kids their meals. Both pluses in my book, I want Sera to learn both English and Spanish, unfortunately we don't use Spanish very much here at home. All of the literature I've read says that learning two languages at once will not stunt their language development, so I'm all for it. 

Anyway, we liked the place, got some paperwork and headed home. Of course we were dealing with both kids and I placed the folder on top of the Jeep, sure enough I forgot about it (even after specifically telling myself not to forget it when I put it up there). We even heard a slight thud on the way home, I assumed it was something in the back, most likely it was the folder flying off.

I feel horrible about it, this is the type of stupid stuff I obsess about it. What if someone from the center finds the folder. Will they think we're jerks and just threw it out the window? We had to be referred to the center by someone that my wife works with, we actually ran into him there, and his child seems happy and quite intelligent. If we end up not sending Sera there I'm going to feel like we wasted a lot of people's time. Or that we thought something was wrong with the place, and what if we want to send her later, then maybe they won't accept us.

The other part of it is that my school, NEIU, has an excellent day care center that Serafina has been signed up for since before she was born. It has a two year waiting list. They don't take kids until they're 15 months so I waited until then. Like an idiot I never checked in, and they didn't have space for her in the spring. They should have space in the summer. It's a little more expensive, but I get a student discount. Furthermore, I did some observation/clinical hours there for my program and I was really impressed. The kids learn Spanish and Korean in addition to everything else they learn. 

Why do we even need to put her in daycare. It's scary. I never went to daycare, I pretty much didn't leave home until the first day of Kindergarten. Same with Melissa. I would never fogive myself if something happens to her while she's not in our care. My mom and sister will probably babysit Ruby, so why not Sera as well. Keep everything the way it has been. I don't know. Serafina needs to socialize. I already feel like she's falling behind at times. I'm sure it's not her and that she isn't really, I mean she's not even 17 months yet, it's my deal, but what if she is?

Ugh. I know I'm overthinking it, but it's what I do. Your thoughts, comments, and advice would be welcomed below. Anyhow, I hope you are all doing well and that the holidays have been good to everyone. Have a safe and happy 2012.

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  1. You're a fool. You're obviously a father who cares, with a wife that cares. Whatever your decision is, it will be the right decision. Your two kids have good parents that are surrounded by an amazing family. That's what's important. If you send them to day care or not, they're going to turn out fine. Why? Because if you're over thinking this, then it means you care & love your kids.