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Friday, September 18, 2015

Black Mass Mini-Review and Giveaway

We here at Fandads like to keep our mini-reviews straight and to the point, so here is our thoughts on Black Mass.  We will not reveal any spoilers. We will just tell you what we thought of the movie.

Black Mass tells the story of how James "Whitey" Bulger "worked" with the FBI to help take down the Italian mob and in the meantime becomes one of the most ruthless gansters in Boston. It's a tense story and a little slow paced, but it keeps your attention through most of the movie.

I did not know much about Whitey Bulger, except that he was recently captured and he was a big deal in Boston.  Since I knew very little about him, I was interested to see this movie and to learn more about the man himself.

What I learned is that like all villains there was a good side to him. He loved and took care of his mother with his brother, Senator Billy Bulger, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. He loved his son and gave him life lessons that some might deem a little politically incorrect. Also, Whitey was an intimidating man that you did not want to cross.

Johnny Depp is pretty unrecognizable in this film. He is also pretty scary and it's mainly because he speaks in a low monotone voice throughout the movie. It's always spooky when the main villain talks in a calming way to their potential victims. Think of Agent Smith from the Matrix or Hannibal from Silence of the Lambs.

Final thoughts - Johnny Depp is mesmerizing in his role and might potentially be in the running come award season.  Although it's a little slow pace at times, this is a movie worth seeing.

Cons - One flaw was that at times it felt like the accents kept changing among some of the actors in the movie.

Kid Friendly - No, not at all.

Violence - A lot of it and adult language.

Fandads Rating - 4 out of 5.

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