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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Iron Man 3 Trailer is up!!

The new trailer for Iron Man 3 is up and it looks amazing and dark.  Could this be Iron Man's Empire Strikes Back? Are they going with the "Extremis" storyline? How much of War machine will we see?  Will any of the Avengers make any cameos?  Many questions pop up, but we have to wait until May 2013 to get all the answers.  Enjoy the trailer and leave your thoughts below.


  1. *SPOILERS* They had mentioned that the story was coming from Ellis' run, I'm sure Iron Patriot plays a significant role and therefore has a decent amount of screen time, i.e. Military v Mandarin. If you notice, Stark telepathically summons his armor, this is due to the Extremis virus in his body, it has an internal control system, which and that's *SPOILER* other question is: Does Pepper Potts survive and if so does she become *spoiler* ? Looks great.

  2. Yeah, some elements of the Extremis storyline have been used in the previous two movies, but it does seem like they're going to dig into it a little more. As for the Pepper would be cool.