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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hanging out with Iron Man and Captain America from Hot Toys.

I have been collecting action figures since I was about five years old.  It started when my parents bought me my first Star Wars figures and it grew from there.  As I got older and starting buying my own figures, I noticed an evolution in my collecting. I went from buying Star Wars figures to comic book characters to prop replicas to statues.  Which leads me to today and these incredible Hot Toys figures.

Hot Toys is a company out of Hong Kong that puts a lot of detail in their figures.  These figures are not your regular action figures, each figure is basically a work of art.  The first figure that I bought from them was the Bank Robber Joker figure from the Dark Knight and he was just amazing.

Today I will talk about two of my recent acquisitions, Iron Man Mark VII and Captain America Golden Age version.

Iron Man Mark VII Armor

As soon as you open the box you are bombarded by a plethora of interchangeable pieces for Iron Man's armor.  Some of the pieces are damaged to represent how he looks after the "Battle of New York" in "The Avengers" movie.  

The likeness to Robert Downey Jr. is uncanny and the light up features make this figure stand out from the others.    

Captain America Golden Age Version

The Captain America figure comes from the "Winter Soldier" line.  Remember in the movie how Cap steals his uniform from the Smithsonian? Well, this figure is wearing that costume and it looks pretty awesome.

Unlike the Iron Man figure there are not that many different interchangeable parts here.  This Cap comes with different hands to pose with and a die-cast shield that has some heft to it.

The only fault with this figure is the mask does not come off, but the detail in the uniform is spectacular.  The all-cloth uniform has buckles, zippers and snaps that are not just put on for decoration they all have a purpose.

Hot Toys figures are pretty high end collectibles, meaning you get what you pay for.  I purchase mine through Sideshow Collectibles to take advantage of their payment plan.  There are plenty of other figures that I would like to purchase, but it could get really expensive if I buy all the ones I want.

Here are a few pictures of the guys swapping out their weapons while playing around the Fandads' Homebase.

Thanks for reading and here's a sneak peek at the next review.

Black Widow

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